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Franchise Legal Services

MaryBethContent_html_4f3c865We provide franchise legal services that help new franchises, established franchises and franchisees. Whether you’re looking for franchise legal advice or need help with a specific issue, we provide services that are effective and affordable. By taking advantage of our franchise legal services, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that there aren’t loose ends that will eventually cause problems for your business.

Because properly taking care of the legal side of your business can help you save a lot of time, stress and money, here’s a detailed look at some of the franchise legal services we provide for:

New Franchisors

Although making the decision to franchise a business can unlock significant growth, there are a lot of requirements that go along with taking this step. By choosing to work with us, you’ll benefit from our experience and ensure that everything is handled correctly. Creating franchise agreements, a disclosure document and development agreements are just a few examples of how we can help. Our franchise legal advice will help you avoid common legal pitfalls.

Established Franchisors

A business that’s already operating as a franchise is well aware of the requirements and specific challenges presented by this model. Since proper compliance, disclosure and management systems are all components needed for continuous growth, we can help you handle those requirements.

Handling franchisee rights, annual updating, registration management, compliance programs, business contract reviews, cure periods and updating risk disclosure documents are all examples of how our services can benefit your business. Not only do we pride ourselves on providing great service, but we do so with a clear and easy to understand approach to pricing.


Before you make the decision to invest in a franchise, it’s important to be aware of the risks, obligations and likely costs that go along with that investment. Because there’s a lot of information that needs to be reviewed, it’s vital to have a competent legal professional on your side.

Since legal franchise opportunities aren’t the only type of franchise that have legal aspects attached to them, we can evaluate and explain those aspects to you. We can also review documents like franchise agreements, registration papers and disclosure documents. Once our review is complete, we will cover all the important information you need to know.

Another service we provide is helping you select and form the right legal entities for operating your new franchise business. If you decide to move forward, we can help with real estate leases and other business contracts. Finally, our franchise legal services can assist you with staying in compliance of all relevant employment laws.

If you’re involved with a franchise in any capacity and want to get the legal side of your business in order, contact us today for a free consultation.

Whether considering buying a franchise, operating a successful franchise business, or looking to franchise your business, Gettins’ Law has your solution. Gettins’ Law Business Solutions are practical, business conscious and best of all no legalese. Their business solutions are designed with you and the business in mind.


  • Franchise Prospect Review: Solution for evaluating your franchise opportunity.
  • Franchise Disclosure Bundle: A solution for drafting, updating, and registering franchise disclosure documents [FDD].
  • Trademark Protection Plan: Solution for registering and protecting your business name, tag lines and logos.

Mary Beth Gettins on history of Gettins’ Law

I began my legal career serving as in-house corporate and general counsel, working for national brands. Currently, in private practice at Gettins’ Law, I continue to bring my legal services to national brands and local business owners.  I have authored and presented books and materials on wide variety of the topics.

The Intellectual Intersection: Copyrights, Trademarks, Patents and Franchising.  CLE presentation for the Ohio Northeast Lawyer’s Association.  January 2013.  Mary Beth Gettins.

Answers for Franchise: Franchise Disclosure Document Update: a workbook compilation.  January 2012. Inspired Press Publishers. Mary Beth Gettins

My Little Book of Franchise Terms. 2012. Inspired Press Publisher.  Mary Beth Gettins.

 New Ohio Dangerous Dog LawsWebinar and video for Harlequin Haven Great Dane Rescue. September 2012. Mary Beth Gettins.

 Disaster Prevention for Your Business. Presentation for Legacy Connection Business Group. February 2012. Mary Beth Gettins.

 Start Your Own Business: Franchising. Presentation SCORE and SBA Southwest Ohio Series. Fall 2010.  Peg Stookey and Mary Beth Gettins.

 Legal Basics for Operating your Franchise Businesss. Presentation for House Doctors New Franchisee Training Program. June 2010-September 2012. Mary Beth Gettins.

 Marketing Within the 4 Corners of the Law”, The Ultimate Guide to Home Health Marketing and Referrals.  Home Health Line. 2004. Mary Beth Gettins and Elizabeth Zink-Pearson.

I am a member of the Ohio State Bar Association, American Bar Association, American Bar Association’s Forum on Franchising.  As a life long dog lover and dog owner, I am proud to be  the treasurer and voluntary attorney for Harlequin Haven Great Dane Rescue.