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Effective and Comprehensive Training for Franchise owners

Peg-300x200Regardless of the industry it’s in, a strong brand is generally at the core of any great franchise. But in order for that brand to continue thriving and growing, a franchise needs to have the right training in place. Without effective franchise training programs, even the best brand will eventually hit a growth ceiling. Another alarming possibility is the brand’s strength may be weakened as a result of the wrong decisions being made across the franchise’s operations.

Since stagnant growth and brand dilution are both problems that no franchise wants to encounter, you’ll be relieved to know that our franchise training and advising services can help you avoid those issues. With the help of these services, you’ll be able to ensure that your franchise business stays on the right path of growth. Our franchise training and advising services can also help ensure that the integrity of your brand is protected.

Franchise Training

One of our core franchise training and advising services is helping businesses establish an effective training program. There are several components involved in creating a program that can help a franchise scale to any size. The first is the operations manual. A great operations manual is able to function as a quality control mechanism for a franchise operation.

The next component is headquarters training. While franchisees will be able to turn to their manual whenever they’re in doubt, pre-opening training is vital to help new franchise owners get started on the right path. The third component is establishing an efficient way to handle onsite training. Finally, we can help you identify areas of your business that can be strengthened with the help of ongoing training.

Franchise Advising

A common misconception is once you franchise a business, growth basically goes on autopilot. In reality, just as it takes consistent work to make a business successful, it takes the same effort to turn a franchise operation into something that’s truly great.

On top of that, different challenges will arise throughout the various stages of franchising growth. That’s where our franchise advising services play such a key role. Because we’ve helped franchises go from their first location to widespread success, we can prepare you for what’s going to happen along the way.

In addition to ensuring that you have a realistic idea of what to expect, whenever a new challenge does arise, we will provide the support and knowledge needed to find a solution to it. With our help, you can be confident that the growth of your franchising business will remain on the ideal trajectory.

Whether you need help implementing a training program for your franchise or you need advice about how to guide your business through a specific stage of growth, contact us today so we can discuss your specific franchise training and advising needs

Why Strategic Advising and Training?

A successful franchise system is the marriage of successful franchisors and franchisees. Peg Stookey helps both to be their very best!

She works with:

  • Employees, usually in career transition, to make the right decisions about business ownership and to be READY to begin their new career as a FRANCHISEE
  • usiness owners, to create the right franchise model and…to be READY to begin the transformation to FRANCHISORS
  • Franchisees, READY to build their businesses as they grow as LEADERS

Peg offers:

  • Transition & due-diligence coaching
  • Strategic advising
  • Facilitation & advising of franchisee Mastermind groups*

Peg’s clients are universally facing or preparing for change. They might be in career transition or business owners that are transitioning to a role as franchisor. Peg helps them to build their “competitive best” business model, make the right decisions on franchising and strategize the startup and growth of their new or newly innovated business. Peg is also an inventor of business development tools. Her “Anatomy of Success” training model ensures that everywhere you go, you’ll take these lessons of success with you!

Peg is also the founder of The Legacy Center, an organization dedicated to the continued education and support of small business owners. Our Franchise Catalyst clients also enjoy Legacy Center benefits including LinkedIn audits and editing, strategic planning sessions, weekly accountability conference calls, newsletters, radio interviews and more.

*Mastermind groups meet monthly, either virtually or in person, and are supplemented by weekly accountability phone calls. Leveraging peer-to-peer knowledge and experience, this small group approach accelerates sustainable, lasting franchise success.